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web design

Web design is all the visual elements, like color, typography, images and buttons, related to a website. But it goes beyond just good looks. Web design tackles how you layout a web page, making sure it looks good in different screen sizes, keeping web navigation simple and easy, and ensuring the usability of a website flows smoothly.

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web development

Web development is the creation of a website from the ground up and its ongoing maintenance. Much like building a house, web development is where engineers come in to lay down the foundation and create a solid structure that you can start building on. Usually, web development starts after the web designs have been finalized.

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the face of webish

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web designer & developer

My journey in web design and development started out as a question to myself -I wonder if I can figure that out?- and then I did.

I started out making fan sites for people I admired, and eventually I was creating and maintaining websites for an Olympic athlete, professional wrestlers, and much, much more.

In 2015 I decided to go back to school to do what I love and obtained my Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development in 2017.

webish services

html/css & wordpress

Do you have a plan for your website? Maybe you're not sure where to start. I have experience in a variety of website building platforms and am happy to talk about the best path forward for you.

design & implementation

Have a look in mind? Great! I can help you find the best way to make it happen. Not sure what you're looking for? No problem! I am happy to be as involved as you want me to be with designing your website.

hosting & maintenance

Hosting, maintenance, ARGH - where do you start? Don't worry! I offer various hosting and maintenance plans to fit your budget.

webish portfolio

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Full Force World

Full Force is an American music group of hip hop and R&B singers and producers.

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Hope with a Vizion

Uniting the visually impaired for access to services, resources, research, & technology.

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Under construction

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Most Wanted Management

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Old McBehren's Farm

Under construction

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The Blue Walk

European Walking Vacations & Art Journal Workshops

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unCovered Culture

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